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Why’s there so much noise about Block chain technology?

One of the most important technologies that could revolutionize the flow of money is Block chain. It simply eases the money transfer issues that arise when an individual transfers assets from one place to another. Following issues can arise while performing money transfer:

  • Charges levied by 3rd party
  • Longer time is taken to transfer
  • Inclusion of an intermediary (3rd party)

The above mentioned are some challenges that the technology addresses effectively. It removes the issues that individual faces while transferring money through digital means.

In a nutshell, if you want to send your money from one place to another, then use the technology.

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Advantages of Block chain

  • No 3rd party involvement
  • Charges are less for transfer
  • Less time is taken to transfer
  • Money moved digitally
  • Safe and instantaneous
  • No intermediary involvement
  • Decentralised approach
  • Secure and encrypted

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